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Villar opens exhibit showcasing wetland wonders of the Philippines - 21 Feb, 2017
Villar said the exhibit, called Wetland Wonders of the Philippines, was mounted at the second floor of the Senate "to highlight the importance of wetlands and why we all advocate for its conservation." Read more...

Hot spots reappear in Riau as dry season approaches - 21 Feb, 2017
While other parts of Indonesia are experiencing flooding and heavy downpours, Riau is bracing for the dry season as a number of hot spots have been detected across the province. Read more...

EARTH WIRE -- Two additional helicopters needed to anticipate Riau`s forest fires: Nurendi - 21 Feb, 2017
Pekanbaru (ANTARA News) - Two additional helicopters are needed in Riau Province, Sumatra Island, to anticipate the annual land and forest fires, Riaus Forest and Land Emergency Alert Task Force Commander Brig. Gen. Nurendi stated. Read more...

New HSBC policy 'first step towards sustainable palm oil finance' - 21 Feb, 2017
HSBC today published a new ‘No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation’ policy covering its financing of palm oil companies. Read more...

Mapping the world’s largest tropical peatland - 20 Feb, 2017
The world’s largest tropical peatland carbon store has been mapped for the first time and it is 16 times bigger than expected Read more...

Task force of forest fire prevention extinguishes land fires - 17 Feb, 2017
Pekanbaru, Riau (ANTARA News) - A task force of forest fire prevention workers in Riau province has managed to extinguish the land fires which devoured 20 hectares of dry peatlands in Pangkalan Terap village, Kerumutan sub-district, Pelalawan district. Read more...

Keeping Asean haze-free - 16 Feb, 2017
THE great peatlands of Southeast Asia are incalculably valuable, both within the region and to all humanity. Read more...

Exploring Indonesia's Long and Complicated History of Forest Fires - 16 Feb, 2017
For decades, forest and land fires in Indonesia have been an annual environmental crisis, but the dry conditions caused by the 2015 El Niño made that year’s fire season the worst in 20 years: approximately 2.6 million hectares (6.4 million acres) of land were burned between June and October, Indonesia’s dry season. Read more...

Peatlands Survey in Lao PDR, February 2015 GEF-6 Consultation Meeting, Kuala Lumpur EU Ambassadors visit to Raja Musa Forest Reserve. More photos >>



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16 Feb, 2017
Perusahaan Wajib Jaga Lahan Gambut
16 Jan, 2017
22 Hektare Lahan Gambut di Duri, Bengkalis Terbakar
05 Jan, 2017
Indonesia Waspada Karhutla di 2017


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