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ASEAN Haze Map (see notes below)
Click here for Department of Environment Air Pollution Index (API)


  1. The hotspots depicted in the map are derived from the NOAA-18 satellite. Hotspots go undetected when the area is not covered in the satellite pass or under cloudy / overcast conditions.
  2. The surface winds (depicted by arrows in the map) are valid for 0600 UTC on the date indicated in the map.The length of the arrow represents the relative wind speed - longer arrows correspond to stronger winds. Click here for corresponding 0630 UTC satellite picture.
  3. This map is updated by 1000 UTC (6 pm SGT) daily.
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Dua Hari Udara Bersih, Pagi Ini Sampit Kembali Diselimuti Asap Tebal - 21 Oct, 2014
SAMPIT, KOMPAS.com - Baru dua hari bisa menikmati udara segar di pagi hari, masyarakat di Kota Sampit, Kabupaten Kotawaringin Timur, Kalimantan Tengah, kini dihadapkan lagi pada masalah kabut asap yang kembali muncul. Read more...

Haze returns, with PSI crossing over to unhealthy range - 19 Oct, 2014
The haze returned to Singapore due to smoke haze from Sumatra, with the 3-hour PSI in the unhealthy range - at 110 at 1pm. Read more...

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Enhancing Sustainability of
Forestry Practices on Peatlands

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Guidelines on Integrated
Management Planning
for Peatland Forests
in Southeast Asia (1.42 Mb)
      Videos: Peatlands in Southeast Asia 
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Small farmers make the case for action on Climate Change (6:21) Saving the Philippine Peatlands (9:34) Bono Dancing - JP28 Band (4:40)  More videos >>
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Aerial view of Raja Musa Forest Reserve, Malaysia U Minh Thuong National Park, Viet Nam Friends of Raja Musa Peat Swamp Forest, Malaysia

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Air Pollutant Index

Malaysia: Department of Environment,
Air Pollutant Index

Singapore Haze and Air Quality (PSI) 
Daily Update (PM2.5)


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Guidelines on Integrated
Management Planning
for Peatland Forests
in Southeast Asia (1.42 Mb)


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