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  ASEAN Technical Workshop - Peatland Fire Prediction and Early Warning System 20-21 March 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [Page 2]


 Refinement on Fire Danger Rating System (FDRS) to Reduce Peat Fires in Malaysia

By: Kang Thean Shong, Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD)


Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD) in supporting the effort to reduce the impact of forest fire, especially on the peat land, has introduced various early warning information and tools, such as seasonal weather forecast, satellite hot spot monitoring, report of non-raining days, report of weather condition during severe haze episodes as well as FDRS, to the relevant disaster management agencies as well as the public.

FDRS, as one of the fire management tools, has been continuously run and displayed daily on the MMD official web page since 2003. The 12th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting On The Environment, 13 October 2010 conveyed its recognition on the usefulness of the FDRS for monitoring fire danger in the ASEAN region. MMD was requested to look into the possibility of improving the existing products of FDRS.

Thus, MMD has identified the pilot project of using the Google map to overlay peat soil area and product of FDRS in Selangor state. This would help in enhancing identification of the location of fire danger areas. The result of the pilot project was presented during the 13th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting On The Environment, 16-18 October 2011.     

Currently, MMD has expanded the pilot project to the whole country. The products are now available in MMD web site. MMD would endeavor to improve its early warning system for forest fire, such as using NWP products for fire danger forecasting and upgrading to open source FDRS, if available.

Click here to download the file (PDF format)

FDRS Development for Land and Forest Fire Prevention and Mitigation

By: Mulyono R. Prabowo, Meteorological Climatological and Geophysical Agency


Initiative for Indonesia Fire Danger Rating System (FDRS) commenced in 2000 at the Meteorological and Geophysical Agency (the former of currently called BMKG) Head Office. The system is being designed to support Indonesia Agencies Head Office in monitoring fire conditions and in developing national level actions to support activities of prevention, monitoring and mitigation at provincial level. In 2001, the FDRS at Head Office was adapted and operated in two provinces (Riau Province and in West Kalimantan Province) in Indonesia. All activities supported by CFS, BMKG, MoF, BPPT and LAPAN.
Start in early 2002 BMKG, as an agency that has responsibility for to observe, collect, record weather data and disseminate daily weather information at national and local levels, have been operating daily FDRS nationally based on daily weather observation data. Therefore, BMKG is also responsible for to operate the FDRS which it is given support from Ministry of Forestry, BPPT and LAPAN. 
Since 2004 BMKG have been producing daily FDR Prediction base on France NWP (Synergie module – from Meteo France). In late 2007 the Research and Development Centre of BMKG has been running The Air Pollutant Model (applied for smoke from forest fire) base on Numerical Weather Prediction product output of CCAM (from CSIRO). The TAPM smoke trajectory was run based on hotspot data from MoF (output of Sipongi Program). Currently, BMKG is simulating the FDRS utilizing higher resolution of NWP prediction products and using various domain areas.

Click here to download the file (PDF format).



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