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12-May-2017 The World‘s Response is Very Positive toward Indonesia on This
Several countries have lauded the Indonesian government for its program to restore peatland areas spread across two...
Peat Conservation
12-May-2017 Getting down to business in Bonn
Meeting seeks to create a rule book for the Paris Agreement
Climate Change
11-May-2017 World lends North Sumatra hand in restoring peatland areas
The Bonn-Challenge High Level Roundtable Meeting in Palembang, South Sumatra, concluded on Thursday with...
Peatland restoration
11-May-2017 Alaska tundra has become a carbon emitter rather than carbon sink, study finds
The tundra of Alaska and other Arctic regions once soaked up atmospheric carbon and locked it in the frozen...
10-May-2017 The power of peatlands
Sustainable bioenergy from tropical peat forests
Peat Conservation
10-May-2017 Palembang hosts Bonn Challenge meeting
Twenty-nine foreign delegates are attending the Bonn Challenge High-Level Roundtable Meeting in Palembang,...
Indonesia-Workshop & Seminar
10-May-2017 Felda Global Ventures Allegedly Defying Government of Indonesia Peatland Laws, Company Disagrees
Reported by Chain Reaction Research, as of April 28, it appears that Felda Global Ventures’ (FGV) management has yet...
Plantations on peat
10-May-2017 Indonesia ministry seeks to extend forest moratorium by two years
Indonesia's environment and forestry ministry wants to extend a moratorium on issuing new licences to use...
10-May-2017 Villar pushes inclusion of 92 more areas under the protection of NIPAS Act
Sen. Cynthia Villar sponsored today the bill seeking the inclusion of 92 areas in the National Integrated and...
10-May-2017 Industry-NGO coalition releases toolkit for making ‘No Deforestation’ commitments a reality on the ground
There is now one set of guidelines, agreed upon by both industry and civil society, for palm oil companies to use...
09-May-2017 Wet and Wild: Indonesian Forest Fires
Why blazes can ignite, even in damp conditions
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
09-May-2017 New research: More peat in the tropics than previously thought, with implications for climate action
Peatlands and wetlands have been underestimated in terms of their global extent, as well as their potential...
Peat Conservation
09-May-2017 Forest Fires Detected in Three Regions
TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) has detected fire spots in Riau, South Sumatra...
09-May-2017 Delegasi "Bonn Challenge" tanam pohon khas gambut
Kayuagung (Antarasumsel.com) - Delegasi pertemuan Menteri Lingkungan Asia Pasifik "The First Asia Bonn Challenge...
Peatland restoration
09-May-2017 Lawan Resolusi Sawit Uni Eropa, RI Susun Dokumen Deforestasi
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia -- Pemerintah menyatakan siap melawan resolusi sawit Uni Eropa yang bertajuk Report on Palm...
Plantations on peat
08-May-2017 Grouse moors ‘vital for peatlands’
Gamekeepers across the north have launched a drive to raise awareness of what they say is the importance of...
08-May-2017 Greening the palm oil supply chain
The world's most widely used vegetable oil has been the poster child for environmental devastation, but campaigns...
07-May-2017 Saving Philippine peatlands
In the middle of a flooded forest, if the water is acidic and the color is somehow dark, like tea, it is not...
07-May-2017 Komitmen Pemulihan Karhutla Jokowi-JK Ditagih
RMOLJabar. Komitmen pemerintahan Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla untuk segera merealisasikan pemulihan pasca kebakaran hutan...
Peatland restoration
07-May-2017 Walhi Tuding Pemprov Kalbar Abaikan PP 57 Tentang Gambut
PONTIANAK - Direktur Eksekutif Wahana Lingkungan Hidup (Walhi) Kalbar, Anton P Widjaya mengatakan, penerbitan...

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