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16-Oct-2017 Plant more trees to combat climate change - scientists
Proposed "regreening of the planet" would be equivalent to halting all burning of oil worldwide, study says
Climate Change
16-Oct-2017 Peat bogs ‘tougher than we thought’ but may still be vulnerable to rapid or extreme environmental change
Plant communities in European peat bogs are affected by environmental change, but their ecological functioning...
13-Oct-2017 NASA Satellite Sees Overheated Tropical Forests Oozing with Carbon Dioxide
NASA's latest carbon dioxide-mapping satellite has detected a dramatic spike in the amount of the greenhouse gas in...
Climate Change
09-Oct-2017 Peat fires and toxic haze: The power of perception
How viewpoints can shape policy and action
Peatland Fire and Haze
05-Oct-2017 Singapore is experiencing ‘haze-like’ conditions – but this time the culprit is closer to home
Following reports of a chemical stench last Monday (Sep 25) that was traced back to an industrial facility in...
05-Oct-2017 Evaluating Indonesia's Progress on Its Climate Commitments
As the world's fifth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases and the largest contributor of forest-based...
Climate Change
04-Oct-2017 What will motivate companies to source palm oil responsibly?
Being more sustainable is good for a company’s bottom line and reputation. So why are companies, as seen in...
Sustainable Use
04-Oct-2017 Fire and haze: Better business practices
Taking responsibility for sustainability in the private sector
Plantations on peat
03-Oct-2017 Fire and haze: Community action
How volunteers, researchers and communities are making a difference
Peatlands and People
03-Oct-2017 Restorasi Gambut, Pemerintah Gandeng 36 BUMDes
TEMPO.CO, BANJARBARU – Badan Restorasi Gambut melatih 36 badan usaha milik desa (BUMDes) di Kalimantan...
29-Sep-2017 Companies' ‘zero deforestation’ pledges: everything you need to know
Corporations globally have made hundreds of commitments on deforestation. But what do these pledges really mean and...
28-Sep-2017 Global carbon emissions stood still in 2016, offering climate hope
The new data is a welcome sign of progress in the battle against global warming but many challenges remain,...
Carbon Emissions
28-Sep-2017 Alarm as study reveals world’s tropical forests are huge carbon emission source
Forests globally are so degraded that instead of absorbing emissions they now release more carbon annually than all...
Carbon Emissions
27-Sep-2017 When fines fail, how can companies be made to pay for deforestation?
Indonesian companies fined for deforestation have not been required to pay up thanks to lengthy court...
27-Sep-2017 Fire and haze: Laws and regulations
The impact of local laws in breaking the cycle
27-Sep-2017 Central, local govts not unified in protecting peatlands: Greenpeace
Environmental activists said a lack of concrete action may hinder the success of agreements made by the...
Peat Conservation
26-Sep-2017 Fighting fire and haze in Indonesia
What’s being done on the ground to prevent future disaster
Peatland Fire and Haze
26-Sep-2017 The drying of peatlands is reducing bird diversity
A recent international study indicates that the populations of peatland birds in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia...
26-Sep-2017 This App Helps Forest Rangers Without Internet Access Find Illegal Activity
Forest Watcher uses satellite data to keep rangers in Uganda’s Kibale National Park apprised of illegal logging...
19-Sep-2017 Making peat a priority
Peatlands in the spotlight at the IUFRO Congress in Germany
Peat Conservation

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