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08-Mar-2017 BRG Rampungkan Pemetaan di Empat Kabupaten Prioritas
Peat Conservation
07-Mar-2017 Thailand's Dept Of Disease Control Monitoring Haze Situation In Northern Region
BANGKOK, March 7 (Bernama) -- Thailand's Department of Disease Control (DDC) is closely monitoring the haze...
07-Mar-2017 BRG Gandeng MCA-Indonesia untuk Restorasi Lahan Gambut
Badan Restorasi Gambut (BRG) dan Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia (MCA-Indonesia) menandatangani...
Peat Conservation
07-Mar-2017 Rampungkan Pemetaan 2 Juta Lahan Gambut, BRG Gandeng MCA
KBR, Jakarta - Badan Restorasi Gambut menggandeng Millenium Challange Account-Indonesia (MCA-Indonesia) dalam...
Peat Conservation
06-Mar-2017 718.000 Hektar Lahan Gambut Terdata
KOMPAS.com - Pemetaan lapangan berbasis sinar laser atau LiDAR telah selesai pada kabupaten prioritas...
04-Mar-2017 Smog from Myanmar worsening haze problem in North
Wildfire and cross-border smog from Myanmar has intensified the haze problem in many northern provinces Thailand.
03-Mar-2017 Precious peatlands of Belarus
Restoring the mires of Belarus, with benefits for biodiversity, people & climate
03-Mar-2017 Tak and Lampang record unsafe pollution levels as haze worsens
The haze problem intensified in the North as the Pollution Control Department (PCD) revealed that Tak and Lampang...
03-Mar-2017 Haze-linked firm 'opaque with information'
NEA says Asia Pulp and Paper has not given enough details on 4 of its suppliers over fires
03-Mar-2017 HSBC to stop financing deforestation-linked palm oil firms
The commitment by Europe’s biggest bank follows a Greenpeace exposé of its ties to forest-destroying companies...
Plantations on peat
03-Mar-2017 Transboundary haze-free for Malaysia this year - Wan Junaidi
PUTRAJAYA: According to weather indication, wind patterns and actions outlined in fighting forest fire, Malaysia...
03-Mar-2017 Project to support conservation of Indonesian river and forest habitats to protect wildlife
London, Mar 3 (IBNS): A new project led by a researcher from the University of Leicester is supporting the...
Peat Conservation
02-Mar-2017 ASEAN, EU launch 40th anniversary of partnership; commit to new programmes on environment
JAKARTA, 2 March 2017 – In the framework of the annual review of European Union and ASEAN cooperation, known as...
02-Mar-2017 Haze not likely this year: Wan Junaidi
PUTRAJAYA: The haze is unlikely to return this year due to good weather and strong winds, Natural Resources...
02-Mar-2017 Deforestation vs. Degradation: How we underestimate tropical forest greenhouses gas emissions
Researchers have quantified carbon dioxide emissions from tropical forest degradation for the first time — and...
Climate Change
02-Mar-2017 NEA clears 2 firms, warrant issued for director in haze probe
Court warrant issued to detain one unnamed director for investigations if he enters Singapore
02-Mar-2017 More information required from APP for investigations into haze-linked fires: NEA
SINGAPORE - Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), one of the Indonesian companies blamed for the record-breaking haze...
02-Mar-2017 ASEAN-Uni Eropa Luncurkan Peringatan 40 Tahun Kemitraan
Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Sekretaris Jenderal ASEAN Le Luong Minh dan Duta Besar Uni Eropa untuk ASEAN Francisco...
Peat Conservation
02-Mar-2017 A Bornean village conserves a forest the government listed for cutting
The project, in the Indonesian village of Bawan, is seen as a success story nearby communities could emulate.
Peat Conservation
01-Mar-2017 Water-Bombing Choppers Bound for Riau's Forest Fires
The National Disaster Mitigation Agency, or BNPB, will send water-bombing helicopters to Riau in Sumatra as soon...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire

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