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06-Nov-2017 Protecting 'high carbon' rainforest areas also protects threatened wildlife
Conservation efforts focused on protecting forests using carbon-based policies also benefit mammal diversity,...
Carbon conservation
06-Nov-2017 Can blockchain save Indonesia’s forests?
Carbon Conservation and tech platform Dappbase have joined forces to fight haze-causing forest fires in Indonesia...
Carbon conservation
04-Nov-2017 Kemitraan to Assist Indonesia on REDD+ Implementation
The Indonesian government and the Jakarta-based Partnership for Governance Reform, better known as Kemitraan, signed a...
03-Nov-2017 Despite Trump, The Paris Agreement Continues To Evolve At Bonn/Fiji Climate Talks
This year’s climate talks may not be as glamorous or high-profile as the Conference of Parties to the UN...
Climate Change
03-Nov-2017 How unhealthy is the haze from Indonesia’s annual peat fires?
A recent survey on perceptions of the fires showed that while different groups – from small farmers to...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
03-Nov-2017 'Jakarta Declaration' Aimed at Helping Indonesia Save Its Peatlands
A coalition of peatland protection institutions, along with researchers from several countries, issued a declaration...
Peatland Conservation
03-Nov-2017 Untuk Studi Gambut, 69 Ekspert Dari 9 Negara Kunjungi Palangkaraya
Rangkaian kegiatan International Peatlands Roundtable atau IPR yang berlangsung sejak 1 November di Jakarta...
Indonesia-Workshop & Seminar
02-Nov-2017 BRG Says Progress on Peatland Restoration Behind Target
Indonesia's Peatland Restoration Agency, or BRG, is still far behind their target of restoring 2.4 million hectares...
Peatland restoration
02-Nov-2017 Indonesian Supreme Court strikes down regulation on peat protection
Indonesia’s Supreme Court has quashed a ministerial regulation obliging forestry companies to relinquish and...
Peat Conservation
02-Nov-2017 Preventing Land Fire, Gov’t Sets IDR152 Billion Budget on Peatlands Restoration
JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) utilizes IDR152 billion or 36 percent of the total...
Peatland Management
01-Nov-2017 BRG, Masyarakat Gambut Internasional dan JPS Gelar Tropical Peatland Roundtable
Badan Restorasi Gambut (BRG) bersama Masyarakat Gambut Internasional (Internasional Peatland Society, IPS) dan...
Indonesia-Workshop & Seminar
01-Nov-2017 Accurate maps crucial for peatland management
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Highly accurate maps on peatlands are crucial to serve as a reference for stakeholders...
Peat Conservation
30-Oct-2017 Massive Carbon Sink May Be More Resilient Than Scientists Thought
Carbon-rich peat bogs seem to adapt well to changes in temperature, precipitation and other climate-related factors
30-Oct-2017 Parks and reserves ‘significant’ force for slowing climate change
Protecting tropical forests between 2000 and 2012 amounted to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to...
Climate Change
30-Oct-2017 Scientists confirm presence of peatlands in Democratic Republic of Congo
Scientist have confirmed the presence of peatlands in the Democratic Republic of Congo after an expedition in...
30-Oct-2017 Scientific expedition in the peatlands of the Congo Basin to understand the role of peatlands in regulating climate change
Greenpeace (http://APO.af/2gzfEv) Africa is organising an expedition in the peatlands of the Congo Basin forests...
27-Oct-2017 Peatland plants adapting well to climate change
They account for just three per cent of the Earth's surface but play a major role in offsetting carbon...
Climate Change
27-Oct-2017 RAPP to retire some plantation land in Sumatra amid government pressure
A subsidiary of paper giant APRIL will retire a large part of its plantations in eastern Sumatra for...
Plantations on peat
26-Oct-2017 Moving Ahead with REDD+ to Combat Climate Change
REDD+ is maturing as countries build the necessary systems to reap the results-based rewards of participation.
25-Oct-2017 APRIL and Indonesian government at loggerheads over peatland regulations
The Singapore-based paper giant suspended operations after failing to meet a government deadline for a work plan...
Plantations on peat

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