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01-Dec-2012 Peatlands and REDD+
Presented at the Peatlands and Organic Soils Mitigation Initiative; Crown Plaza Hotel, Doha
20-Nov-2012 A cost-efficient method to assess carbon stocks in tropical peat soil
Estimation of belowground carbon stocks in tropical wetland forests requires funding for laboratory analyses...
Research Paper
13-Nov-2012 Growing season methane emission from a boreal peatland in the continuous permafrost zone of Northeast China: effects of active layer depth and vegetation
In this study, we investigated CH4 fluxes and abiotic factors (temperature, water table depth, active layer depth,...
Research Paper
06-Nov-2012 Designing Effective REDD+ Safeguard Information Systems: Building on existing systems and country experiences
The policy paper is the result of substantive research that included an extensive desk study,...
Policy Brief
05-Nov-2012 The Private Sector in the REDD+ Supply Chain: Trends, challenges and opportunities (Policy Brief)
Date Published: 11/05/2012 Author: Florence Bernard, Scott McFatridge, Peter A. Minang Publisher: IISD
Policy Brief
15-Oct-2012 Disturbance and the peatland carbon sink in the Oil Sands Administrative Area pp. 13-22
Restoration and Reclamation of Boreal Ecosystems Attaining Sustainable Development
15-Oct-2012 Vacancy: FOREST CARBON SPECIALIST, CAMBODIA COUNTRY PROGRAMME - Fauna and Flora International
Source link: http://www.ecosystemmarketplace.com/pages/dynamic/web.page.php?page_id=9345§ion=about_us&eod=1.
11-Oct-2012 Peat swamp forest conversion into oil palm plantation: the effect on soil carbon dynamic
Is converting intact peat swamp forest into oil palm plantation accelerating the rate at which peat decomposes?...
09-Oct-2012 Anaerobic oxidization of methane in a minerotrophic peatland: enrichment of nitrite-dependent methane-oxidizing bacteria
Subscription required. Paper available from http://aem.asm.org/content/early/2012/10/02/AEM.02102-12.abstract.
Research Paper
09-Oct-2012 Provisional Peat Database
If you are conducting research on peat, the Indonesian Peat Database may be useful for your work. Available...
09-Oct-2012 Climate Change and Community-based REDD+ Education Manual
This manual seeks to assist policy makers and project developers to answer the question: “how do we present...
09-Oct-2012 The impact of subsidence: can peatland drainage be sustainable in the long term?
This presentation presents the impact of peat soil subsidence and discusses the issues of sustainability of...
09-Oct-2012 Wind farms on peatland will not cut carbon, say scientists
Carbon released due to disturbed peat and falling grid emissions mean future wind farms on peatland should be...
09-Oct-2012 Inclusion and Benefit Sharing in REDD+, The Case of Oddar Meanchey
Equitable benefit sharing and inclusion are important in REDD+ programmes in order to make sure REDD+ projects...
09-Oct-2012 Advice on REDD+ SAfeguards
Position Paper for 11th COP in Hyderabad, India, 8-19th October 2012
Position Paper
05-Oct-2012 How much would REDD+ boost Philippines forest budget?
REDD+ could provide a huge financial boost to forest conservation plans in developing countries like the Philippines....
Research Paper
04-Oct-2012 The response of soil organic carbon of a rich fen peatland in interior Alaska to projected climate change
Paper by Zhaosheng Fan1,*, A. David McGuire2, Merritt R. Turetsky3, Jennifer W. Harden4, J. Michael Waddington5,...
Research Paper
04-Oct-2012 Journey of a peat core: from a frozen peatland in the Far North to a lab at OFRI
04-Oct-2012 Avoidance of GHG Emissions by Restoration and Sustainable Management of Peatlands in Ukraine
The project aims to restore the degraded peatlands of Ukrainian Polissia and to contribute to efforts to reduce...
04-Oct-2012 REDD+ in Vietnam : Integrating National and Subnational Approaches
There is a general consensus in the UNFCCC and the international REDD+ community that emission reductions and...

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