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11-Jul-2017 Singapore ready to assist in restoration of peat lands
Palembang, S Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Singapore is ready to assist in the restoration of peat lands in South...
Peatland restoration
10-Jul-2017 APP hires former Singapore army general as sustainability chief
The controversial paper giant has hired a former Singapore army general turned banker as sustainability chief....
Plantations on peat
09-Jul-2017 Indonesia blocks major artery in haze-causing Mega Rice canal network
The world’s largest peat swamp restoration effort is underway in the Southeast Asian nation.
Peatland restoration
08-Jul-2017 Save peat bogs for future generation
Opinion by Mr Mahmud Yusoff on Peatland conservation in Brunei.
Brunei Darussalam
30-Jun-2017 Local authorities to beef up enforcement against open burning
SIBU: Local councils are urged to beef up enforcement to prevent backyard burning by the public in view of...
29-Jun-2017 Wildfires’ ‘killer haze’ tracked with Twitter as it spreads
When Indonesia’s peatlands burn, the thick smog that fills the air can be deadly. Haze from wildfires there last...
28-Jun-2017 As Peatlands Thaw, Two Gases Much Worse Than Carbon Are Being Unchained
Thawing of permafrost peatlands of the Arctic could release so much methane and nitrous oxide that our planet...
Climate Change
28-Jun-2017 Can Indonesia stay haze free?
Indonesia has made significant progress in fighting the fires caused by slash-and-burn forestry that choke...
Peatland Fire and Haze
28-Jun-2017 Partnerships, cornerstone to achieve Indonesia’s sustainable peatland restoration targets
The observation was made by Erwin Widodo, one of the speakers in the World Bank-hosted panel discussion at the event.
Peat Conservation
27-Jun-2017 ‘Indonesia keeping pledge to end cross-border haze’
KUCHING: Indonesia has adopted systematic measures to address the cross-border haze that affects South-East Asia,...
Peatland Fire and Haze
26-Jun-2017 Environment Ministry calls for freeze on open burning permits; cites dry monsoon
PETRA JAYA: The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry has instructed forest authorities nationwide to...
Peatland Fire and Haze
23-Jun-2017 APP mill can produce far more than expected, stoking worries
Green groups fear firm will break promise not to cut down natural forests to supply new mill
Plantations on peat
22-Jun-2017 20 Hectares of Peatland in Ogan Ilir Burned
TEMPO.CO, Palembang - Some 20 hectares of peatland in Parit Village, Ogan Ilir District, South Sumatra, was burned...
Peatland Fire and Haze
19-Jun-2017 Slowly oxidizing peat releases as much carbon as burning in Southeast Asia
Peat oxidation in the west of insular Southeast Asia has resulted in the release of 2.5 gigatonnes of carbon...
19-Jun-2017 Brunei hailed for perfectly preserved peat bogs
BRUNEI Darussalam’s peat bogs have been regarded as one of the last perfectly preserved wetlands in the world where...
Peat Conservation
17-Jun-2017 Groundwater Could Play a Major Role in Controlling and Preventing Forest Fires
A recent study puts forth a new factor for judging the flammability of forests: groundwater.
Peat Conservation
16-Jun-2017 Biologists have explored how testate amoebae survive in peat fires
Scientists have studied the impact of wildfire on testate amoebae
15-Jun-2017 Banks on the path of responsible financing
Plantations on peat
15-Jun-2017 People matter for peat
Better management of Indonesia’s vast peatlands, some of the biggest and most efficient carbon stores on the...
Peatlands and People
15-Jun-2017 Lobby groups drop lawsuit against Indonesian environment law
Part of a fight over how to regulate the plantation sector in the wake of Indonesia’s largest fire disaster...

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