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03-Sep-2014 IMCG Bulletin July 2014
29-Aug-2014 Carbon storage and release in Indonesian peatlands since the last deglaciation
Authors: René Dommain, John Couwenberg, Paul H. Glaser, Hans Joosten, I. Nyoman N. Suryadiputra
25-Aug-2014 Finland bundles its knowhow of peatland restoration in a handbook.
The handbook Ecological restoration in drained peatlands compiles the Finnish knowhow accumulated over more than...
19-Aug-2014 Major atmospheric emissions from peat fires in Southeast Asia during non-drought years: evidence from the 2013 Sumatran fires
Trans-boundary haze events in Southeast Asia are associated with large forest and peatland fires in Indonesia....
12-Aug-2014 Global Canopy Programme Newsletter July 2014
Over 160 international companies and members of civil society have issued a declaration calling for governments to...
07-Aug-2014 Research agendas for the sustainable management of tropical peatland in Malaysia
This paper describes a stakeholder engagement exercise that identified 95 priority research questions...
07-Aug-2014 ALP Hanoi CLimate Change Finance Seminar Report
30-Jul-2014 Differential response of carbon fluxes to climate in three peatland ecosystems that vary in the presence and stability of permafrost†
23-Jul-2014 Investigating carbon flux variability in subtropical peat soils of the Everglades using hydrogeophysical methods†
17-Jul-2014 Change in carbon stocks arising from land-use conversion to oil palm plantations
The aim of this report is to synthesize current scientific information to help policy makers make decisions about...
16-Jul-2014 Peat News January 2014 (1-2014)
16-Jul-2014 Classification of tropical lowland peats revisited
The mapping and classification of peats, particularly those in the tropics, have lagged far behind that of peats...
10-Jul-2014 IMCG Bulletin June 2014
10-Jul-2014 IPS Annual Report 2013
The International Peat Society has published its Annual Report 2013.
31-May-2014 IMCG Bulletin May 2014
29-May-2014 Better information flows needed for REDD+ monitoring, report says
BOGOR, Indonesia — Harmonizing the flow of information between local, national and international institutions remains...
06-May-2014 United Nations agencies and the private sector partner to highlight progress for REDD+ implementation in Asia
JAKARTA, INDONESIA 6 May 2014 –United Nations (UN) agencies and the private sector convened on the 5th and 6th of May...
Press Release
23-Apr-2014 A new way to measure carbon emissions from logging
[JAKARTA] A study tested in six tropical developing countries has introduced a novel method to measure carbon...
31-Mar-2014 GCP Monthly Update: March 2014
28-Feb-2014 Peat soils as gigantic batteries
Researchers from ETH Zurich and the University of Tubingen describe a process that suppresses the formation of...

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