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16-Apr-2021 Newsletter: Worries, hopes and mitigation actions on peatland conservation
There are more and more webinars, conferences being held online which makes accessibility to peatland...
08-Mar-2021 Enhancing climate resources and sustainable peatland management
The rise of resource materials on peatlands and climate change has been nothing but a positive outlook to a more...
26-Jan-2021 Leaving 2020 with Emissions Worry and New Goal
The five warmest years recorded have all been since 2015 with year 2020 entering the list by being on par with 2016....
22-Dec-2020 The critical roles of peatlands in climate crisis
Elevating peatlands as the nature-based solution to climate change is ongoing while promoting the pivotal roles...
31-Mar-2020 Opening 2020 with policy, counter-measures and climate threats
31-Mar-2020 Seasonal Forecast for the ASEAN Region
Weather forecast from APEC Climate Center for April-June 2020
31-Dec-2019 Wrapping up 2019
aunched of the Measurable Action for Haze-Free Sustainable Land Management in Southeast Asia (MAHFSA); FIVE...
06-Sep-2018 Carbon stock of peat soils in mangrove forest in Peam Krasaop Wildlife Sanctuary, Koh Kong Province, southwestern Cambodia
Determining the size of the carbon stock in peat in PKWS is consequently valuable for understanding the...
28-Aug-2018 IMCG Bulletin June & July 2018
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15-Aug-2018 RSPO Organic & Peat Soil Classification
RSPO Peatlands Working Group 2 (PLWG-2) has adopted the common definition of ‘Histosol’ (organic soil)...
27-Jun-2018 IMCG Bulletin May 2018
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21-Feb-2018 Chemical characterization of fine particulate matter emitted by peat fires in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, during the 2015 El Niño
Twenty-one PM samples were collected from 18 peat fire plumes that were primarily smoldering with modified...
27-Jan-2018 IMCG Bulletin January 2018
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17-Nov-2017 Smoke on Water – Countering global threats from peatland loss & degradation
This rapid assessment looks at peatland location and extent, threats affecting peatlands and permafrost lands,...
29-Sep-2017 Effect of oil palm sustainability certification on deforestation and fire in Indonesia
To evaluate whether certification fulfills such pledges, we applied statistical analyses to satellite-based...
28-Sep-2017 IMCG Bulletin June 2017
28-Sep-2017 IMCG Bulletin July 2017
28-Sep-2017 IMCG Bulletin August 2017
13-Sep-2017 Long-lead prediction of the 2015 fire and haze episode in Indonesia
Abstract We conducted a case study of NCEP CFSv2 seasonal model forecast performance over Indonesia...
Research letter
02-Aug-2017 Logged peat swamp forest supports greater macrofungal biodiversity than large-scale oil palm plantations and smallholdings
Intensive land expansion of commercial oil palm agricultural lands results in reducing the size of peat swamp...
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